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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

This stone gets its black color from the amount of iron it contains and it is the most common variety of tourmaline. When heated it becomes negatively charged at one end and positively charged at the other. This points to one of this stones healing properties; the ability to help us balance extremes.

Grounding, Protecting, Balancing, Realigning. Black Tourmaline has a strong clear energy making it especially effective in dissolving negative energies in the home and deflecting negativity that is directed at us. This stone is one of the best for protection from potential harm and negative forces. It has strong ties to the energy of earth and it's healing proprieties are indispensable.

Black tourmaline helps to realign and stabilize the body structures. Settles bones and muscles. It gives a pronounced grounding effect as it is closely related to the root chakra -the seat of our being (self preservation and survival). Keeps us focused and aware of the present and in reality.

For an earache try placing a tourmaline stone behind the ear. To help reduce jet lag, disorientation and tiredness when traveling, carry a piece of tourmaline with you. For a good night of restful sleep especially if you are in an unfamiliar place, put a tourmaline between the mattress or under the bed.