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☀Clairvoyant Medium ॐHolistic Energy Healing



Composed of a mixture of pink feldspars, green epidote and quartz, unalite is very similar in structure to granite. The color is an opaque pastel mix of pink and green making this combination of color work very well with the energies of the heart. Pink strengthens our sense of identity and helps to release emotional stresses and the green encourages a sense of expansion and growth, calm and balance. Unakite prevents us from getting to wrapped up in our emotions, giving a practical, down to earth energy to any healing process in which it is used.

Perspective, Balance, Healing, Self-Love, Self-Worth. This stone helps to resolve conflicts and looses constrictions in areas of our lives we feel held back. It heals the emotional self and allows one to openly radiate love, which then attracts love from others. It promotes compassion, peace, connection and unity.

Unakite balances physical aspects of the heart and circulation. Soothes aches and pains in the pelvic area. Enhances feelings of self-worth and gently releases emotional blocks. Focuses attention on the present, helping us to distance ourselves from past difficulties. Encourages us to take a detached view of our lives, problems and accomplishments.

To calm frayed emotions, resolve personal issues, or to help you develop a more flexible attitude: try placing one unakite stone at the solar plexus chakra and one at the heart chakra, adding a black tourmaline stone for grounding below the feet.