Infinite Light Wellness

☀Clairvoyant Medium ॐHolistic Energy Healing

The Council of Light

Dear ones we are reminded to take care of ourselves, to practice self care self love. To not allow ourselves to become lost in the chaos and the shuffle. To not become connected to static or negative that may be in the air around us. To remember who we are, our purpose and the many avenues we may choose. Remain positive for the love of self, the love of one, the love of all.

Continue on your journey, continue with your daily routine of self care self love. Continue to shine and be a beacon. Continue to light the way by example. Remain grounded, positive, firm as a whole. Stay strong my children we are one. Our light shines within you, allow the love to flow freely. Allow the beauty that is set before you all. Breath the love, feel the love, be the love, be all dear ones.

Continue to walk and be the light, the beacon, the way showers. You are worthy, you are needed, be all. We love you. The Council of Light.