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Reading for November

Reading for November 2016 - Your Monthly Energy Update

We hear many conversations about money and making enough of it to cover it all, and with that negative emotion and worry. Concerning the issue you feel the strongest about connected with money, we see this is going to alleviate or begin to lift and improve. Allow and release as the energy with this begins to shift up and out over the next several months. A gentle reminder we are not meant to live in worry or fear of not having enough. Doing so creates more energy of what we are worried about not having. Trust in heart and believe all will be okay and let source take care of the rest.

Delay - We see possible delay in a trip and/or reunion with family or friend. The timing of when you planned this to happen may need to be changed. This is due to a possible miscommunication connected with work scheduling. We see you will resolve this and may have to make a new date for the trip and/or reunion with family or friend. You may see after the rescheduled trip or visit, when the timing was off for the first plans, that things worked out to be better with the new rescheduled date.

Concern over health of woman - If you are a woman this may be concern over your health, or the health of your mother, grandmother, sister, friend. We see possible issues with health that began about a year ago, OR it is time to go in for the yearly check in, check up, exam, tests. We see that everything is going okay and health is fine. Continue with positive lifestyle changes for wellness.

"Workable solution in the area of romance" This is good news for those who are single and looking and for those who are in a relationship.

Single and looking - There is strong manifestation energies for partnership and romance. Put the energy out there now to manifest the type of person you want and the kind of relationship you would like. Be crystal clear with your intention so you may bring opportunities to you for the person you would like and the the kind of connection you wish to share with them.

Married, partner, committed relationship - We see a deepening of the relationship. Communication, understanding, more affection and respect. The connection seams to be improving in positive ways. Perhaps things were stagnant, slow, or you have been experiencing some problems. We see change, there is a workable solution or peaceful resolution to what ever it is that has been causing some static, distance and uneasiness in your relationship.

This is an energy snapshot of what my guides have given me to share this month. The information will resonate with those it is meant for.