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Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Agates naturally can take on many different colors, blue lace is one of the more attractive varieties and is often used in jewelry making. It's delicate lacy bands of blue, gray and white create an impression of gentleness, calm and peace.

Formed in geodes within volcanic rock, south Africa has many deposits of this common form of agate. It is characterized by soft violet blues appearing in delicate bands. Blue lace agate can be found as tumbled stones, raw, slices and geodes. Occasionally you can find it with small terminated crystals inside of the central cavity of the geode.

Blue lace agate brings peace, understanding and contentment. Allows exploration of different channels within the mind and conveys hidden messages. Excellent stone for the throat chakra, assist with speaking your truth and making your message or words heard and understood.

Calms and clears areas where there is a build up energy in the body. Brings feelings ease an belonging and subdues anger. Nurturing, supportive stone that soothes the emotions and settles an over active mind. Great for communication and expression of thoughts and feelings.