Infinite Light Wellness

☀Clairvoyant Medium ॐHolistic Energy Healing



This stone is a type of chalcedony that often forms in thick veins between fine sandy stone. It has a characteristic color of bright apple green, also found in a denser darker shade of green, and pale yellow. The color fades in sunlight and heat. Traditionally a stone of good luck and success.

Serenity-Harmony-Calm. Enables us to blend with our surroundings and the harmonious energy of nature. Increases creativity. Promotes sound sleep and a sense of calm and security. Supports cleansing and detoxification.

To align with creative energy and find new direction, place six stones and a hexagon. One chrysoprase above the head; one chrysoprase by the left shoulder; one black tourmaline by the left hand; one chrysoprase below the feet; one chrysoprase by the right hand; one black tourmaline by the right shoulder.