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Reading for September

Reading for September 2016 - Your Monthly Energy Update

See a new or newer relationship. The relationship is moving to a deeper understanding, a deeper connection, the energies are positive for love. We see this is a past life karmic reconnect, you were brought together again or reconnected in this life time to correct and heal on the romantic level of the soul connection you share. See you will be given a heartfelt generous gift from your new partner. Accept with appreciation, gratitude and joy as this is one of many opportunities to heal and correct the connection you share.

Concerning work, place of employment, current crew you work with, we see static and disharmony. There is a person you work with that is difficult to warm up to or get along with with. Send this person love and good intentions, and leave it be. We see they are weighed down and going through a lot of personal issues at present. Understand that it has nothing to do with you personally or professionally. See this static will start to smooth out over the next several months and they begin to process and heal from their personal situation.

Emotional situation you feel very strongly about brings disagreement and uneasiness between you and a friendly acquaintance. See you have a need to discuss what happened with the other person. Use care with the timing of when you ask this person to sit down to talk, and use care in the words you speak. We see while you are ready to talk it out and say the things you need to say, we see this person is not in that vibration. Come from a place of agree to disagree and allow this connection to go where it needs to be.

We see you will be asked to help out with some one who is ill. Offer support as you are guided to be there with yourself and with your heart. We see this opportunity you are given to help this person in some way during illness is part of your way to give back.

This is a energy snapshot of what my guides have given me to share this month. The information will resonate with those it is meant for.