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This stone is formed by water acting with aluminum and copper giving a blue coloration. Shades of green come from iron impurities. This stone has always been popular as a protective amulet. In Renaissance Europe, men wore a turquoise ring to avoid a riding accident or house fire. Sky blue turquoise can be used with an earth red or orange stone, such as coral or carnelian for combined protection of heaven and earth. Crystals of turquoise are rare and usually small. It is porous and can be discolored by oil or grease. Sunlight will cause it to fade.

Strengthens-Protects-Enhances. Strengthens all of the organs and balances all the systems, especially the heart, thymus and throat chakras. Protects by neutralizing negativity in the home and work place, calms emotions and overactive thought patterns. Enhances intuition and psychic skills, the aura and connection to spirit realm.

For release of emotional trauma and to bring about a change while dealing with many obstacles; place one turquoise above the head, one below the feet, one by each hand, and one by each shoulder. To amplify the effect, lay on a yellow sheet or under a yellow light.