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actinolite quartz

Fine crystals of actinolite give this quartz its deep green color. The actinolite needles can be seen as an inclusion in some stones, while in others it can be so dense that it gives the quartz a uniform green color. Prase was a valuable stone in ancient times for carving and jewelry.

This soothing stone connects us with the healing energy of nature. Promoting a sense of confidence, inner strength, and self worth. It inspires us to explore new directions and reminds us of goals we have strayed off course from. Prase aligns the energies of the heart chakra, expanding our awareness, helping us to remember our purpose. Assist us in seeing a bright new perspective, allowing for a release of what is no longer needed. Reduces negativity and feelings of isolation, rejection, and confinement. Brings patience and acceptance. Supportive and helps us to feel connected and in tune with our surroundings.

Heals the aura after trauma, confrontation, illness, stress, and negativity. Cleanses and protects the heart charka. Helps us to connect with our spirit guides and helpers. Aids in the removal of obstacles on our spiritual path, and patience during changes in the acceptance of what is. Known as the dream stone, it assists us in remembering our dreams and dream details clearly.

Detoxing, supports the immune system, liver, kidneys, and the metabolism.