Infinite Light Wellness

☀Clairvoyant Medium ॐHolistic Energy Healing



This crystal forms long striated prisms that can be opaque, semi translucent or completely transparent. It's color is pale pink, pink violet, and sometimes crystals will have areas of pink and light green together.

Love - Support - Understanding - Peace. Strengthens and attunes the heart to universal love. Dissolves aggression and conflict helping us to understand people and their actions for a peaceful resolution. Supports the cardiovascular system and thyroid function. Enhances self esteem, and helps to correct negative unhealthy thought patterns. Very protective. Excellent crystal for creating a protected meditation space.

To heal and strengthen love for self and love for others during a difficult emotional time; place one Kunzite at the heart chakra and four Clear Quartz Points around the body. One quartz at the top of the head, point facing away from body. One quartz below the feet, point facing away from body. One quartz at the left hand, point facing away from body. And one quartz at the right hand, point facing away from body. To amplify the effect lay on a pink sheet or under a pink light.