Infinite Light Wellness

☀Clairvoyant Medium ॐHolistic Energy Healing



This crystal is commonly available and mineral shops. It is considered a soft stone and sensitive to water and humidity.

Communication - Visions - Clarity. Assists the flow of neurotransmitters to all parts of the body. Facilitates communication and enables us to approach problems with clear intent and focus. Helps in the release of negative emotions and to understand opposing points of view. Stimulates intuitive insight, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, and astral travel.

Carry Ulexite with blue and indigo colored stones to increase the flow of communication, or to bring a peaceful state of mind. To access information about a past life, place Lapis Lazuli at the brow, Amazonite at the throat, Ulexite at the crown and Smoky Quartz at the feet. For expansion of knowledge and insight, place one Ulexite at the brow, one Fluorite on the left and right shoulder, one Kyanite at the throat, one Watermelon Tourmaline at the heart, and one Jet at the root chakra.