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Found in Europe, South Africa, Australia, North and South America. Chalcopyrite is a common ore of copper also known as peacock ore. Tumbled polished stones are a metallic brassy yellow. Raw natural stones are an array hues of violet, purple, blue, red, yellow, pink. Containing copper (the metal of Venus) and iron (the metal of Mars), chalcopyrite represents the union of beauty and strength.

This stone enables us to be flexible during changes that are out of our control. Stimulates the nervous system, enhancing creativity and new ideas giving a better understanding of unexpected situations. Removes emotional blocks and silences unwanted thoughts allowing free flowing positive emotions. Helps to ground us and protects against depletion of energy. Chalcopyrite encourages emotional detoxification, is protective, cleansing and stimulating.

When life seams to be a bit boring and lacking excitement; Try carrying a piece of chalcopyrite in your pocket to liven things up by sparking your creative drive. Or place a chalcopyrite stone on the the brow chakra (between your eye brows) or the crown chakra (top of your head) to clear stale thoughts and stimulate positive new ideas. Or place a chalcopyrite stone on the solar plexus chakra (your navel) to boost happiness and strengthen your enjoyment of life.