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Reading for September

Reading for September  2014 - Your Monthly Energy Update

Feelings, emotions may be running high, or you may be very emotional. This could also be a signal from your body you need to take more time for yourself, slow down, breathe and get grounded. Meditation is especially good now as it helps to ground you and connect with source. This may be a time for you to evaluate where you are right now, and look at some areas of your life you need to attend to. Some things you need to let go of, move forward from, to release any negative feelings you are experiencing for a personal healing.

Communication, be mindful of your verbal interactions, speak clearly and intentionally. Take time to explain your self better if need be so all parties are working together and understanding each other. If you have a pet, pay attention to their actions and what they may be telling you. You may receive news from a friend or family member who lives at a distance from you or you haven't spoke to in sometime. This news brings feelings of happiness or inspires a new thought process or knowledge. You may experience some type of spiritual communication. You may receive a message from spirit, or a have strong sense of loved ones who have crossed over.

Working things out with others, a situation needs attention and worked through to correct any unnecessary static between you, friends or coworkers. There is a workable solution and a better way of doing things together that works well for everyone involved. You may also have the opportunity to work out a personal issue or reach a personal goal. Hearing personal wishes felt deep in the heart are being granted, continue to move forward, allow and trust the process.

Exploring the unknown or uncovering things that are hidden. Becoming more in tune all of your senses. New or renewed interest or study in new age thought, holistic health, and metaphysical subjects. You may come to an understanding or have a sense of knowing a long-standing mystery, either personal or family in origin.

This is a energy snapshot of what my guides have given me to share this month. The information will resonate with those it is meant for.