Infinite Light Wellness

☀Clairvoyant Medium ॐHolistic Energy Healing

The Council of Light

Dear ones no amount of money can build the temple of love that awaits. And therein lies truth. Tomorrow can be built today and ever after. We see love waits just outside the door. Tomorrow is now and therein lies love and happiness. Beyond the veil the truth lies, tomorrow is now.

What lies in the heart is truth. Open and allow release freely, you are love. My children seek not false love for in that lies disdain of brothers and sisters. Seek not what lies outward, seek inward the light and voice of love, that which connects all. Neutral no longer my children, we love you, our light shines within you, within all. Allow freely the connection of light to flow.

A cleansing of the Earth has begun and will continue to sustain balance. New species revealed, fish, bird, 10. New medicine. Expansion, understanding, growth, current state, disease, cancer, understood to eradicate, 90. New ways to medicine, natural, neutral, whole. Medicine available to all. New thought, new ways of processing thought, forms healing matrix. That which love-life flows freely. We shall again rise; each time stronger, wiser, sharing, honoring one another for the light within all. Nature, teacher, eyes, the understanding of the current state, closely follow.

As masters of our own take no offense to actions of others. See ourselves therein and correct. Be gentle to each other as you would your own child. Love connects all. New day is now, build your temple. See love, be love, be all.

Life Energy Continues - We make it lighter, brighter, fuller. We are all teachers in this plane, we all love and teach one another. We love you, The Council of Light.